Lube Up, NSW & QLD ‘Cos The East Coast Of Aus Could Be Pounded By ‘Severe’ Storms This Weekend

So you live in NSW or Queensland and just managed to cool your air con-less house down after weeks of Too Hot weather? Congratulations! You’re about to get hit by storms as a fun extra treat.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM), there’s a surface trough across eastern NSW and southern Queensland. That trough could potentially trigger “severe” storms across both states. Great.

At the moment though BOM hasn’t issued any storm warnings for either state. BOM Queensland said on Saturday morning that the main risks were damaging winds and heavy rain and that it’d issue warnings if necessary.

Thanks, queen.

Meanwhile over in NSW severe thunderstorm warnings have been cancelled for the Mid North Coast. Yay! But there are still severe storms possible for the North Coast and the North West Slopes and Plains.

We’ve also had a cheeky squiz at BOM’s forecast for the major cities in those areas. At the mo, there’s a slight chance of a thunderstorm in Sydney for Sunday.

But on Monday and Tuesday there are high chances of showers and the chance of a “possibly severe” thunderstorm. If you need to get some washing done, I’d highly recommend sorting it before then.

In Brisbane, there’s chances of a thunderstorm on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. We seriously can’t catch a break can we?

First Miss La Niña, then it being grossly hot and sticky and now possibly severe storms.

Where is my sensible, stable, sunny 24 degree day? Probably lost to the ever-roiling tide of climate change.

There’s also a chance that stormy weather will hit Victoria too. Sorry Victorian besties.

Sky News meteorologist Alison Osborne gave some more deets on the possible severe storms.

“[The storms] may be severe particularly over Queensland and parts of the northern NSW coast, with heavy rainfall and damaging wind gusts the main risk there,” she said, as per

Look, at least we’re not being battered by Storm Eunice like the UK.

But if you’re in NSW, Queensland and Vic, keep your eyes out for any severe weather warnings. And if that happens remember the cardinal rule: don’t make unnecessary journeys!! Don’t take risks on treacherous roads!!