Prime Minister and frequent traveller Scott Morrison just had a sneaky barbecue during his mandatory quarantine period, which is a bit fkd given the rest of us have spent our quarantine periods in one (1) room with barely the option to cook ourselves a good meal.

On his 13th day quarantining from his recent trip to the United States, Morrison headed to the back verandah of The Lodge and cooked a chicken and eggplant saag curry.

Meanwhile, when I was isolating after being identified as a casual contact, I spent my second last day eating my own tears on toast left outside my bedroom door.

“Day 13 of quarantine almost done. Saturday night curry night – chicken, eggplant, and saag curry,” he wrote in the post caption.

In the carousel, there’s a series of closeups of the PM’s meal, but the thing that’s particularly suss is the first one: a photo of Scott Morrison, seemingly in the middle of quarantine, standing in front of the BBQ.

Is it staged? Did he use a timer? Or, did someone else take the photo with him? If so, isn’t socialising, like, the one thing you’re not supposed to do while in quarantine?

Fortunately, looking at the IG comments, it’s clear that the chicken isn’t what’s copping a roasting. Let’s see what the audience thinks.

“If you’re in quarantine then who’s taking the photo?” read one comment.

“Read the room – pretty distasteful putting this up while most people have to quarantine without even being able to open a window never mind cook a meal,” read another.

“Sorry Victorians… not insensitive at all.”

“How is this quarantine… Look what you put other Australians through.”

Several simply said to the same note: “Gee must be doing it tough in quarantine.”

Last time Scott Morrison publicly made a curry, people quickly called out the inconsistency between what he made and the ingredients in his photos. Thanks to Anthony Albanese, he’s not the only politician with suspicious cooking habits, but all I’m saying is much like that whack chicken coop he tried to pitch, I don’t believe in this PR stunt.

Image: Getty