Federal Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese has posted a truly cursed feed to Instagram, and in the same way the nation absolutely goes ham on Scott Morrison’s cursed curries, they’ve lost it over Albo’s steak dinner.

Earlier today, Albo shared a steak and veg dinner that he scoffed at the end of Parliamentary sitting week, and it was well…abysmal at best.

“Managed to subconsciously get @ausolympicteam theme going with my socially distanced dinner in Canberra tonight at end of Parliamentary sitting week,” Albanese wrote.

Of course, I sprinted to the comment section like I was Peter Bol running the 800m final and ooh boy it was an absolute treat.

“Big single dad vibes on this one,” one person accurately wrote.

Not to throw my own dad under the bus, but post my parents divorce ’09 – this is the kind of meal he’d put together for himself.

“Where’s the gofundme link to get you a decent feed?,” another person wrote.

Other commenters couldn’t help but notice the lack of carbs, so it’s clear Albo’s never heard of counting his macros.

I truly believe if I don’t eat at least one piece of bread today, I will slowly wither away into nothing.

Of course, someone had to address the massive ScoMo-shaped elephant in the room, which is Scott Morrison’s cursed curries. 

“Looks a lot better than any curry ScoMo’s made,” they wrote. 

The man randomly loves to cook a curry and that’s clearly because of how much he loves immigration *breaks the fourth wall and winks at camera*. But seriously, some have even dubbed it a “curryspiracy”  because in one case the finished curry looked nothing like the ingredients he laid out in a previous picture.

Choose your fighter: Scott Morrison’s Melbourne lockdown apology curry or Anthony Albanese’s single-dad steak dinner?

Image: Getty Images / Sam Mooy