Scott Morrison Just Wore A Face Mask To The Shops And He Reckons You Probably Should Too

Well there it is. Prime Minister Scott Morrison‘s come a long way from gloating about heading to the footy in back in March. In fact, he’s just posted on Insta to show off his swish new face mask.

OK, it’s a stock standard surgical mask and not all that swish, but it’s well-fitted, hygienic, and, by virtue of being on the PM’s own face, a strong message for the rest of the country.

Morrison, who’s from Sydney, noted that although it’s not yet mandatory to wear a mask in NSW, it’s nevertheless the right thing to do.

“Had to pop out to pick up a few things here in Sydney, so followed the NSW Premier’s advice announced earlier today (and put a mask on in the car before heading into the shops),” he wrote.

“Protects others you come in contact with in enclosed areas, in particular the retail salespeople just doing their jobs.”

He also had a jab at the anti-maskers who’ve been stirring shit in Bunnings, among other places.

“Not a lot to ask. All in this together,” he wrote. Very true.

The PM posted the photo hours after NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian publicly recommended that everyone wear a face mask (but stopped short of making the compulsory like in Victoria), and minutes before Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announced that Melbourne would enter Stage 4 lockdown restrictions tonight.

Side note: what does the B on his hat stand for? Burgers, as in the ones from McDonalds? Brisbane and/or Broncos, the team which beat the Cronulla Sharks at the 1997 Grand Final? Dare I say… bumhole?

Embroidered caps aside, it’s definitely a well-timed and much-needed show of unity with the Premiers, even if it’s a few months too late.