Scott Morrison Is Copping A Pizzling For Cancelling Parliament Instead Of Working From Home

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been copping a red hot bake on social media all throughout today, after announcing a decision to postpone the next sitting fortnight of Federal Parliament due to coronavirus fears.

This morning, Morrison issued a statement asserting that, after receiving advice from Acting Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly (editor’s note: not the Gravy Man, a different Paul Kelly) the sitting fortnight of Parliament that was scheduled to start on August 4th will be cancelled, with Parliament now not set to sit again until August 24th.

“The acting CMO has advised that there is significant risk associated with a meeting of Parliament in the context of the increased community transmission of COVID-19 in Victoria and the trends in New South Wales,” Morrison statement asserts. “I have written to the Speaker to request that the sitting fortnight commencing August 4th 2020 not be held. This would mean Parliament will next meet on August 24th 2020.”

Professor Kelly’s official advice on the matter asserted “The entry of a high-risk group of individuals could jeopardise the health situation in the ACT and place residents at unnecessary risk of infection. In addition, the health risk to Members and Senators and their staff from other jurisdictions is a material concern.”

Following that announcement, Morrison was almost immediately poleaxed on Twitter, with floods of punters hammering him with the “#JobShirker” hashtag, which was trending across Australia by the middle of the day.

Chiefly, the complaints revolve around the idea that Morrison saw fit to attend a football game last weekend, but can’t find a way to have Parliament sit during a pandemic crisis, even via remote or video conferencing means.

It caps off a rather inglorious week for Morrison, who first promised Australians he wouldn’t be going on holiday “full-time” this week, and almost immediately followed that up by showing up in the stands at a Sharks game.

For a bloke so obsessed and single-bloody-minded about optics, it’s hard to see how he couldn’t possibly have seen all this coming.