NSW Has Strongly Recommended Everyone Wears Masks, But They’re Not Yet Compulsory


Gladys Berejiklian has recommended that people in NSW wear masks in certain circumstances, but they will not yet be compulsory.

Addressing the media earlier today, the Premier said that there are four specific circumstances in which people in NSW are urged to wear them:

  • In enclosed spaces where social distancing can’t be guaranteed, including in grocery stores and on public transport
  • When working in customer-facing positions in industries like hospitality and retail
  • When attending a place of worship
  • When in an area with high community transmission

Berejikllian said that the advice to wear masks comes as a “strong recommendation” from NSW Health. She told residents of the state:

“Make sure that you are well-equipped, well aware, well-informed to deal with the situation that is arising. Please note that the health the health advice is evolving. I know it might sound concerning when there are a number of venues being identified were people may have been exposed, but that is a good thing.”

She continued:
“It means our health detectives are doing their job, it means we can get information out to the community almost immediately. Please also know that once those venues have been deep cleaned, once those venues have been deemed to be COVIDSafe, it is OK to go back to those venues.”