Redditors Are Calling Out A Dirty Trick Woolies Uses To Make Us Think We’re Saving Heaps Of $$$

Supermarkets are being criticised over multi-buy offers on products that will save customers only a few cents.

A photo of a deal over chocolates was shared on Reddit, with Woolworths seen offering three large chocolate bars for $15.

However, customers quickly claimed that this was just tempting people to buy chocolate they didn’t necessarily want with what sounded like a saving. With these bars typically selling for $5.50-$6, the saving could be as little as $1.50

“Excessive multi-buys, this is as bad as it gets,” the poster wrote.

“I know it’s been happening for a while but there really needs to be a massive boycott on engagement of these ‘specials’, this needs to stop.”

People commented that the deal simply wasn’t worth it.

“If you buy one for $5.50, I guarantee you’ll save $9.50 you weren’t planning on spending,” one person wrote.

The discussion also mentioned the upcoming supermarket price inquiries by both the ACCC and the Senate.

Supermarkets are also under pressure over allegedly raising prices before dropping them as “specials”.

The 12-month ACCC inquiry will investigate the competitiveness of retail prices and allegations of price gouging and came after widespread criticism from consumers and producers.

The supermarkets have repeatedly denied all allegations of price gouging.

Professor Nitika Garg told that consumers needed to pay attention to what they were buying.

“When people see a deal they get more tempted and they feel like they have been clever. There are lots of factors psychologically that play a role,” she said.

“It is a bit like securing a deal, every time we get a deal or we feel like we’ve sort of scored a good bargain we get a dopamine rush, so psychologically it is very satisfying.”

She said that multi-buys are a good strategy for supermarkets and are often used as a way to move stock quickly.