Which Aussie Supermarket Is The Cheapest? We Did A $20 Supermarket Challenge To Find Out

Which is Australia's cheapest supermarket? Is Coles cheaper than Aldi? And is Woolworths cheaper than Coles?

The cost of living crisis is hitting many of us where it hurts: our groceries. 

Food costs have skyrocketed and simply stopping by the shops can make you feel utterly outraged. Sorry, how much for that tiny block of cheese?

Coles has been nitrous for inflating its costs, finishing the financial year with $1.1 billion in profits while we’re out here literally taking items out of our trolleys because things are just too damn expensive.

The recent price hikes has meant we’re all trying to get the best bang for our buck, so we’re putting Coles head to head with other major supermarkets for a $20 challenge to see just how far it’ll get us in the aisles of pricing hell.

We hit up Coles, Aldi, Woolworths and The Reject Shop to see which supermarket is actually the cheapest. The results may indeed shock you.

Who is cheaper out of The Reject Shop and Coles?

For this $20 challenge we want to note that The Reject Shop isn’t a supermarket. They don’t have fresh produce and it’s not a place where you could entirely stock up your pantry, but the things The Reject Shop does have in store are actually pretty cheap compared to the big supermarkets.

The Reject Shop has a great selection of affordable cleaning products and bigger versions of items that can cure your throbbing hangover like a one litre bottle of glorious Gatorade.

Coles didn’t have the exact same items for each product we picked up at The Reject Shop so we had to sub some equivalent products for this $20 challenge.

At The Reject Shop we picked up some salt and vinegar chips, spray and wipe, Gatorade, baking paper and toothpaste. Then we hit up Coles and once we hit the checkout we discovered that pretty much the exact same items came in at an extra $5.

So, who is cheaper, The Reject Shop vs Coles? In this instance The Reject Shop comes out on top.

See the full comparison below.

Who is cheaper out of Aldi and Coles?

This was a hotly requested video challenge and fair enough, with groceries being so exxy, we also wanted to know, is Aldi really that much cheaper? 

We perused the shelves at Aldi and picked up some honey, coffee, avocados, cheese and Jatz biscuits. These five items totalled $20 at Aldi. Sadly it doesn’t include any bizarre items from the ‘special buys’ section. Although, let the record show we were very tempted to chuck some regrettable purchases in the basket. 

Then we headed into Coles and bought the exact same version of items but the Coles brand. We did this to keep costs as low as possible because Coles versions of items are often cheaper than brand name goods. 

The difference between the five same items once again came in at a $5 difference.  

While $5 might not sound like a whole lot, it actually means the same shop at Coles is 25 per cent more expensive than at Aldi, and with that extra $5 you could buy yourself a treat… if you’ve been good. Plus over a whole shop it really adds up.

Is Aldi really cheaper than Coles? It seems so, and for this $20 challenge Aldi takes the crown.

Peep the shop below.

Who is cheaper out of Woolworths and Coles?

The almighty showdown between Australia’s biggest supermarkets is here. We took $20 into Woolies and Coles to see just how far it stretched. 

We compared Woolworths brand name items with Coles brand name items to once again keep our shop as cheap and fair as possible. We put some garlic bread, halloumi, onions, butter, lemonade, tomato sauce, bread rolls and cleaning wipes in our basket. 

These items came to $20 at Woolies, while the exact same items totalled $23.10 at Coles.

We want to note that the garlic bread was on special at Woolworths, but even if it wasn’t on special the Woolies shop would still be slightly cheaper than Coles.

Are Woolworths and Coles the same or is one cheaper? Well, Woolies reigns supreme in this instance.

Watch the showdown here.

If you’re looking to get the cheapest deal on your groceries, the best thing to do is shop around. For example it seems The Reject Shop has cheaper cleaning products than the major supermarkets and Aldi has much cheaper honey than Coles. 

In these trying times, we wish you the best of luck in the financial battlegrounds of Australian supermarkets.

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