QLD Crims Busted With $1M Of Ice While Chucking A Late Night Maccas Run

Call me crazy here, but if I happened to be carrying a substantial amount of very illegal drugs in my car, pulling into the drive thru for a medium cheesy mealwouldn’t exactly be at the top of the ole’ To Do list.

Two Queensland men have been arrested after 5kg of ice was allegedly found in their vehicle following a Police search conducted at around 4:00am this morning.

Acting on a tip, Queensland Police officials followed the two men – aged 35 and 37-years-old respectively – as they pulled into a McDonald’s drive-thru in Rockhampton, before conducting the search and allegedly uncovering the haul concealed under a floor panel of the vehicle.

Wholesale, that amount of the drug carries a price tag that falls just shy of an eye-watering $1 million.

Detective Senior Sergeant Luke Peachy (aka “Life Is”) stated that the haul was the most significant ice confiscation ever made in the region.

We had an earlier find this year of a kilogram but for five kilograms to be found, this is huge.

It’s the largest amount of drug I’ve seen in Rockhampton or in fact, any other place I’ve worked in regional Queensland.

The amount of drug is very, very significant and we’re very pleased to have gotten this … before it hits the street.

We estimate that it was probably about $900,000 that they probably purchased it for so street value is obviously far in excess of that so it’s a very, very significant find.

Police asserted that investigations into the men’s intentions and direction of travel are on-going, and that the pair were not previously known to authorities. They did confirm that they acted based on a tip regarding a Toyota Kluger vehicle. Both men have been charged with drug-related offences, including possession of dangerous drugs, possess tainted property, and contravening an order. They are scheduled to appear in Rockhampton Magistrates Court on Wednesday.

And to think, somehow even more ice was probably found in a random bloke’s large Coke mere moments afterwards.

It’s quality comedy like that, folks, that keeps people like me in a job.