A 31Y.O Man Was Allegedly Caught With Nearly 100kg Of Weed At The Queensland Border

93kg cannabis

A 31-year-old man is facing a number of drug charges after being stopped at the Gold Coast border checkpoint with an alleged 93 kilograms of cannabis and look, probably not wise.

The Palm Beach man was pulled over at approximately 5.30pm on Wednesday after trying to enter the state at Tugun on the Pacific Highway.

Police stopped the man in a Ford Ranger with a trailer attached before searching the vehicle, where they allegedly found 93kg of cannabis and $4,300 in cash.

According to police, the drugs have an estimated street value of $450,000.

The man was issued an on the spot fine of $1,334 for breaching public health orders, and is being charged with possession of dangerous drugs and possession of property suspected to be used in connection with a drug offence. He was bailed and is scheduled to appear at Coolangatta Magistrates Court on July 6.

The arrest comes as Queensland continues to adhere to strict border patrols amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. It’s never a good idea to smuggle nearly 100kg of drugs across the border, but it’s especially stupid when every incoming traveller is facing heightened scrutiny from police.

QLD police have already advised that they’re ramping up security along the borders, and will be cracking down on any sort of criminal activity, not just coronavirus-related offences.

“In addition to the current biosecurity risks, police will remain vigilant to disrupt any criminal activity,” Detective Inspector Chris Ahearn said, according 10 daily.

There’s a heightened police presence across the country right now, so it’s probably wise to do the right thing and stay home as much as possible until the coronavirus situation calms down.