‘Q&A’ Gives Up, Announces Australia’s Most Cooked Pollies For QLD Special

Q&A bills itself as the public broadcaster’s premiere forum for challenging ideas and policy positions. In reality, it more closely mirrors an ideological Beyblade battle duked out by the nation’s most prominent cookers – and the programme’s next episode in Mackay, Queensland promises to let it fucking rip. 

[jwplayer CwUqv6Y6]

As first reported by The Daily Mercury, Q&A will host One Nation leader Pauline Hanson, Coalition MP George Christensen, Independent MP Bob Katter, Labor MP Cathy O’Toole, and ex-Greens senator Larissa Waters on August 27.

That haphazard assortment of controversial political figures will grace the Mackay Entertainment & Convention Centre to handle the hot-button topics of the day.

It seems likely they will touch on the drought facing much of regional Queensland, the ongoing challenges impacting the Great Barrier Reef, and the politically fraught Adani situation.

Even more likely: chaos from Hanson, the Australian political landscape’s most frequently-abandoned leader; Christensen, a former white nationalist podcast guest; and Katter, who ain’t spending any time on it, ’cause in the meantime, every three months, a person is torn to pieces by a crocodile in north Queensland. 

Those three make O’Toole and Waters seem like unassuming political characters, Section 44 be damned. 

The episode will go to air live at 9.35pm, Monday August 27. It will not be good.