The Nation Is Transfixed By Bob Katter’s Bizarre Mid-Interview Brain Snap

bob katter mid-sentence break

He’s always been a funny bloke, our Bob Katter. The Far North Queensland politician has some extreme policies (most of them ghastly), a history of truly bizarre campaign ads, and he’s famously anti-marriage equality.

So it shouldn’t really be surprising that it was a question on the overwhelming YES result of the postal survey that appears to have sent him flying over the edge.

Published on Twitter by the ABC‘s Insiders program, the footage shows Katter mid-press conference, seeming to be not mad at all about the postal survey result – in fact, he’s laughing, actually – before his demeanour suddenly and startlingly devolves into glowering seriousness and he starts talking about crocodiles.

Are we witnessing the sudden dissolution of the man’s grasp on reality? Or is Bob Katter really just a very, very strange man who’s never had to check that his public speaking brain filters are properly installed? I’m going with the second one, because good lord it’s entertaining.

And the nation is absolutely mesmerized by the mid-sentence deportment 180.

The whole thing is basically this gif, but in reverse:

It’s the spiritual successor to A Current Affair‘s crazy dog man:

It’s proof beyond a doubt that we, as a nation, are truly and irreparably cooked. We wish Mr Katter all the best in channeling the force of those mood swings into some kind of croc-seeking weaponry.