WATCH: Bob Katter’s Insane Marriage Equality Interview Got Rinsed By Colbert

Well this felt like a matter of time. Bob Katter – the Australian politician most likely to look like, act like, and actually be the Rich Texan from The Simpsons – has already been thoroughly rinsed here at home over his incredibly weird mid-interview pivot from awkwardly giggling about the successful Yes vote for marriage equality into angrily talking about crocodiles ripping people apart in Far North Queensland.

But now the footage has made its way across the pacific, and US TV is starting to have fun with it.

Stephen Colbert, he of The Late Show, has officially gotten hold of the footage and aired it across America last night, giving Katter a thorough roasting for his abrupt shift in tone.

In a short segment during his monologue, Colbert took the time to congratulate us all on our successful – and overwhelming – vote in favour of marriage equality.

And then the Katter footage came out.


As an aside, we need to talk about the Australian jokes there. While the “that’s not a wife, this is a wife” line is *sighs deeply* fine, that monologue may have set a new world record for number of crap Australian cliches in sixty seconds.

Regardless, with Colbert now mentioning it, Katter’s brain snap is now a worldwide phenomenon.

The only thing going in Bob’s favour? Last Week Tonight with John Oliver finished airing for the year just over a week ago.

Dodged a bullet there, cobber.