WATCH: Bob Katter’s Wild New Election Ad Features A Casual Double Murder

Sometimes in politics you need a bloke who can call a spade a spade. A straight shooter. The kinda fella who doesn’t go in for this airy-fairy bureaucratic nonsense and can cut right through through the bullshit. The kinda bloke who can make a cool campaign ad where he shoots his electoral opponents to death.

I’m talking about Bob Katter, everyone’s favourite agrarian socialist Queensland MP. Katter – who reckons there isn’t a single gay person in his 100,000 strong electorate which is bigger than the United Kingdom – is not a big fan of foreign investment and ownership. 
He reckons both Labor and Liberal have sold us out to foreign business, allowing them to buy swathes of Australian land. His latest ad solves that through a double murder:
See that bloody cheesy grin? The bloke loves it! Bloody Member for Wolf Creek over here. You could argue that an ad featuring guns in this manner might be more than slightly tasteless given the events of the past week, but clearly that’s not on Katter’s mind.
So there ya go mate. Cross Bob Katter, and he will murder you. Phwoar. Rinse your eyes with this wonderful photo Katter posted to Twitter of him playing footy on the beach.
You can see the determination in his eyes. Determination to rid Australia of foreign investment.
Source: Facebook.