Bob Katter, Normal Man, Has Again Spoke Of Crocs Tearing People Apart On TV

Bob Katter has once again referenced his claim that people are being torn apart by crocodiles in North Queensland with alarming frequency in a frankly ridiculous TV interview that also saw him brag that Australia has had more Prime Ministers than Pakistan (???).

Katter appeared on Sky News and spoke of… some things, in a bid to make… some sort of point, about… something or other. Hard to say what his ultimate point really was here.

Prompted by questions about the Morrison Government’s likely and sudden minority rule and whether he would vote for or against a motion of No Confidence in the Government, Katter took off on a wild, disjointed rant that really has to be seen to be believed.

Just for posterity’s sake, here’s the transcript of what he just said.

KATTER: I’ve said we… m’m… whff… many more Prime Ministers than Pakistan. Y’know, we’re the world champion.

SPEERS: So for that reason you’d vote against a No Confidence motion.

KATTER: Ye, no. Nonono. Nonono. I would like to vote… y’know… for confidence for the Government. But the fact is, that chaknow, I’ve got a person doing away with themselves, a farmworker or a contractor or a farmer, doing away with themselves every week. So what am I gonna worry about, Government stability? Or am I gonna worry about these people. I’ve got a person being eaten by a crocodile every six months. I’ve got, a…. my, cousin-brother, y’know fellow blackfullas, uhm, up in Cape York. I mean with this – figures released last month – and uhm clearly there is about 120 or 130 people dying every. year. now that don’t have to die. Now what am I gonna do? So that doesn’t matter, oh but giving Government stability matters. Well I think that I’m gonna get real upset, unless there are action on these fronts.

Interestingly enough, since the last time he talked about it in public, his estimation of how many people are eaten by crocodiles per year has halved. It’s still miles off the actual mark, but y’know: progress.