George Christensen Is Very Sorry About Appearing On A Neo-Nazi Podcast

Let he who has not appeared on a neo-Nazi podcast throw the first stone. C’mon. We’ve all done it. Right? Right?

George Christensen is on a powerful moral crusade today to block a visit to Australia by American neo-Nazi Mike Enoch (also known as Mike Peinovich). He’s lobbying Immigration Minister Peter Dutton to block Enoch’s visa.
“Like radical Islamic sheikhs that come here to spread messages of hate, these people shouldn’t be allowed into the country,” he said.
Here’s the skinny, though: Enoch is being brought out to Australia to attend the so-called DingoCon – run by loosely-affiliated Australian alt-right / white nationalist collective The Dingoes, who for the most part come across like Young Liberals who have realised you can say the N-word without reprisal if you just post on Twitter under a pseudonym with a cartoon avatar.
Now, George’s mighty crusade kinda falls down when you realise he literally appeared on the podcast of said neo-Nazis back in February. Now he’s suddenly realised they’re white nationalists, he’s backing off. “It’s since been pointed out to me they’re extremely anti-Semitic, regularly make racial-based slurs and they subscribe to white nationalism,” he told the ABC this morning. 

“If I had known that there is no way I would have done that interview.”
Former Labor leader and current wandering madman Mark Latham has also appeared on The Dingoes podcast, but has yet to disavow their white nationalist / neo-Nazi views.
Look, George. It’s deeply unfortunate you chose to appear on a neo-Nazi podcast under the wild assumption no one was ever going to make that connection, but don’t be surprised if the rest of us find your valiant visa denial campaign runs a little bit hollow. Ta.
Source: ABC.
Photo: Good Weekend.