George Christensen, Noted Cane Toad, Is Retiring From Parliament At The Next Election

george christensen retiring parliament

Our very own MAGA-ass kissing, whip-toting, gun-brandishing, absolutely useless gronk member of parliament, George Christensen, has announced his sudden retirement from parliament. He’s out, baby.

In a statement issued on Thursday evening, the Member for Dawson on the North Queensland Coast declared he wasn’t going to contest the seat at the next election, instead deciding to retire at the age of 42.

“George’s decision to step back, spend time with his family and pursue a career after politics is not one that he has taken casually,” the statement read.

“Giving up the opportunity to serve his community at the end of this term of the Parliament has been an incredibly tough decision for George to take.”

In a direct statement to The Courier Mail, Christensen said he had only ever planned to serve three terms in Parliament, and will end his run at the close of his fourth term as a MP.

Determined to not go out quietly, as flapping bin lids are want to do, he also noted that “broken” politics “dominated by an activist mainstream media along with other leftists cultural institutions that are just so disconnected from the public” influenced his decision to not re-contest.

This, a man who once appeared on a neo-Nazi podcast, openly peddled far-right MAGA conspiracy bullshit, got reported to the cops for posting a photo of himself brandishing a gun, linked the age of consent to paedophilia (and got ‘anal’ trending as a result), believes others are “disconnected from the public”.

He said he would have more to say on this “broken politics” idea further down the track, before he leaves office entirely.

“While I’m in parliament until the next election and while there’s still breath in me, I’m going to continue speaking out on the issues that matter, without fear or favour, or the need to get re-elected.”

Here we go, prepare yourselves for our most useless MP to shout his way out of the halls in Canberra then. The bloke just loves the sound of his own whip cracking.