Our Worst MP Just Linked QLD’s Equal Age Of Consent For Anal To Paedophilia

This week’s coveted Prize for Biggest Putzo Imbecile most certainly goes out to Liberal MP George Christensen
He took to Facebook today to share the bloody fantastic news that the Queensland govt have finally caught up to the rest of the nation and lowered the age of consent for anal sex from 18-years-old to 16-years-old.
Except, instead of celebrating this step forward in the inclusion of the LGBTQIA community, Christensen decided to miraculously link the development to, uhh… paedophilia.
Previously in QLD, the age of consent was 18 for anal intercourse but 16 for all other sexual activity. The word “sodomy” was also replaced with “anal intercourse” in the update.
The Queensland parliament voted to amend the law on Thursday, with all Labor and independent MPs, along with 28 Liberal National Party politicians voting in favour. Two reps from Bob Katter’s Australian Party opposed the revision. 
Not only is Christensen’s comment flat-out offensive, it’s downright wrong; “preyed upon” and “groomed” to have sex without giving your full consent (regardless of sexual orientation) has a name – it’s called sexual assault. 
As cocked, archaic and frankly dangerous his sentiments are, they’re not entirely surprising given his cover photo on Facebook:
now THIS should be illegal 
Up yours, Christensen.
Source: George Christensen / Facebook.
Photo: Brisbane Times.