The saying goes that crisis and opportunity are two sides of the same coin, but whoever came up with that absolutely wasn’t talking about butt stuff.

After Queensland moved to lower the legal age of consent for anal sex in the state from 18-years-old down to 16-years-old, in a move that lines up LGBTQIA relationships with that of heterosexual ones, noted disapprover of things and LNP MP George Christensen took the opportunity to assume that this meant Queensland was exceptionally pro-pedophile.

His whole argument, basically, was speculating that “do we really want 16 year old boys being preyed upon and groomed by much older men for what is now legal sex?” completely ignoring a) That that would still be illegal no matter what, b) Queensland is the last state to make these necessary changes, c) Legal and health practitioners back the change, and d) George Christensen knows precisely dick-fucking-all about the experience and needs of gay teens in Queensland.

The discourse that’s shot up from the alt-right about anal sex, whether or not they believe in it and whether they “support” it, whatever either of those are supposed to mean, has sparked so much chatter throughout the day that now this has happened:


Trending in both Sydney and Melbourne.

So no matter what comes out of George’s latest little ill-informed tantrum, we’ll always have the day when George Christensen MP, (somewhat) Honourable Member for Dawson, got the whole country talking about doin’ it in the butt.

Frankly speaking, it could well be his greatest political accomplishment.

Source: Twitter.

Photo: George Christensen MP/Facebook.