Perennial Gronklord George Christensen Reported To Cops For Fucked Gun Photo

george christensen gun photo reported

Human embodiment of B.O. and Queensland Nationals MP George Christensen is at it again. This time, he’s not trying to get us to boycott Ben & Jerry’s or chucking a tanty about The Gays. He’s upgraded quite significantly, actually, to posting photos of himself holding guns and saying shit like, “You gotta ask yourself, do you feel lucky, greenie punks?

Well, not shit like that. Shit that is exactly that.

It’s an astonishing display of poor taste, coming just days after the second most deadly school shooting in America, which has made headlines around the world and ignited debate about gun control in the US yet again.

But let’s not let that get in the way of Georgie getting to play with guns and make tough-guy Dirty Harry jokes!!!

What the fuck is going on here, by the way. Who let him hold the gun like that? WHERE’S HIS MINDER?

Fortunately this display of piggery has not gone unnoticed, and Queensland environmental activist Ben Pennings says he’s reported Christensen to the cops, along with the people responsible for the 100+ death threats Pennings says he received online. He told SBS News:

I reckon the abusers are ultimately cowards but I’ve gone to the police just to be sure. I’ve added George Christensen to the list and will report him to the Federal Police also. We shouldn’t allow bullies to be Federal MPs.

He’s not the only one to report old Christo to the AFPGreens leader Richard Di Natale has gone the federal reporting route as well. Many others are calling for Christensen’s resignation.

Considering the Nationals’ response to the Barnaby Joyce scandal (i.e. scuff feet and mumble that it’s not that bad), I’ll be very surprised if Christensen sees consequences from his own party. The police, on the other hand, might have something more to say to him. Here’s hoping.