Host To 1000 Squirming Toads George Christensen Slammed By His Own Party For Far-Right Comments

george christensen

Nationals MP, former journalist and live-action Oogie Boogie actor George Christensen is copping a fucktonne of flack from his own party for some recent fucked up comments, so when the hell is he going to face actual consequences for his actions?

It feels like every second day someone in the Coalition is doing something completely fucked up, but when it comes to George Christensen, is anybody really that surprised?

The infamously backwards MP, and host to at least 1000 live toads, hopped on far-right American commentator and full-time barbecue grease bucket Alex Jones‘ Infowars web series yesterday to make some rather twisted comments about COVID-19 restrictions.

In particular, the two laughed about how Australia’s COVID-19 restrictions were much like Nazi Germany, and called Aussie quarantine the “Australian version of Tiananmen Square”. Yes, this is a politician. Let this sink in for a sec.

Today, David Littleproud, acting leader of the Nationals party while Barnaby Joyce gallivants about the UK, has completely condemned Christensen’s comments, as any normal thinking human should.

“I have to say, we as a National party have to condemn — we respect his right for freedom of speech. But with that comes a responsibility,” Littleproud said in a press conference.

“We want to work constructively with George, but know that there are limits and there are boundaries that we as federal politicians have to adhere to.”

Yes, like not being a fucking Nazi?

However, as much as Christensen is embarrassing his party and the rest of Australia, Littleproud maintained that he has the right to think the way he does, which is dumb, right? No, it’s definitely dumb. Moving on.

“He is a respected member of the party room, and we want to have a conversation with him about respecting the party room back,” Littleproud continued.

“Obviously George is at the extremities of much of what mainstream Australia thinks, but it’s a view that should have an opportunity in any democratic society to be aired.

“But it should be aired in a responsible manner.

“I condemn his comments, and I think it was an error of judgement for him to go on that program.”

Per the ABC, the Prime Minister’s office and the office of Barnaby Joyce have declined the opportunity to comment on Christensen’s words, which is unsurprising at this point.

During the show, Christensen also asked Aussies to begin protesting outside of embassies to make a point. What point that is I’m not too sure, and at this point, I’m too afraid to entertain the idea.

“The rest of the free world, please stand with us, please support us, and –,” you know what, fuck it. No more Christensen quote for us. We deserve better.

Time to wait for nothing to be done about Christensen and his far-right antics. But hey, he’s retiring from politics soon, which seems to be the only way people rack off these days.