Toilet Worm George Christensen Has Wriggled Out Of Retirement & Into One Nation’s Sewer Of Shame


Toilet worm George Christensen has been inducted into the One Nation sewer of shame and announced he will come out of retirement to attempt a political comeback at this federal election.

The former federal National MP held the north Queensland seat of Dawson before he retired in April 2021 at the age of 42 to spend more time with his family. Yes, he is only 42.

He officially left the Coalition this month after it committed to a weak AF net-zero plan. The climate-denier called these “destructive” policies.

This coming from a man who once appeared on a neo-Nazi podcastopenly peddled far-right MAGA conspiracy bullshit, got reported to the cops for posting a photo of himself brandishing a gun and linked the age of consent to paedophilia.

“I have joined Pauline Hanson’s One Nation,” he said in a video he shared on Wednesday morning.

“Today One Nation is going to be announcing me as a candidate.”

But we don’t yet know where he’ll stand because One Nation already has a candidate for Christensen’s former seat of Dawson. But he could run for a senate seat.

He told the Courier Mail on Wednesday his views had aligned with One Nation for a long time.

“The more I queried into One Nation’s policies and looked at their constitution, their core beliefs, the things that Pauline has been campaigning on recently, just about everything aligned with my views,” he said.

“Bizarrely the question really didn’t float into my mind as to why am I doing this, the question that floated into my mind was, why hadn’t I done this a long time ago?”

Unfortunately, this means we’ll see more of his toad face.

After he announced his retirement he also said while he was still in parliament he would “continue speaking out on the issues that matter, without fear or favour, or the need to get re-elected.”

We know he feeds on attention so his re-emergence from the gutter was only a matter of time.

One Nation said it would put forward a candidate in every electorate this election and was due to announce its senate ticket on Wednesday morning.