Pauline Hanson Breaks Down After Row W/ One Nation Senator Brian Burston 

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has broken down during a live interview with Sky News following growing tensions between herself and colleague Senator Brian Burston. 

In the interview Hanson said the senator tried to jump ship to the NSW Shooters, Fishers, and Farmers party only to be rejected because they don’t trust him.

The party’s turmoil started after Burston directly challenged Hanson’s authority by agreeing with the government’s tax package – a deal the party initially agreed to with Finance Minister Mathias Cormann before Hanson withdrew her party’s support.

Afterwards, Hanson sacked Burston as party whip – something he has since called “payback” and “punishment”.  

The One Nation leader had been speaking to Ben Fordham on The Bolt Report when he asked if Hanson was struggling to manage her team. Hanson insisted she had great support before continuing to shit all over Burston.

“Brian stabbed me in the back, and this goes back a long time ago. This hurts me, it hurts me deeply because it means so much to me what I’m trying to do and for him to turn around and do this to me Ben, it’s hard.

“But I’m going to keep going and I’m going to get good people in that parliament beside me because it means so much to me to help the people who need help that feel like no one’s listening to them. They’re sick of politicians because they don’t do anything… I’m not finished and if you think I’m going to let Brian Burston or anyone else finish me, they will not…”

Following the interview, Burston spoke to Fordham over the phone denying the claims he tried to defect calling them “absolutely false”. 

Then Fordham hit him with the Fishers’ party claim he had in fact tried to jump ship. Again, Burston absolutely refuted these words.

Long story short – uh oh, One Nation’s in trouble.