Bob Katter Ends Friendship With XXXX Gold, Now Rum & Milk Is His Best Friend

There are two things to be learned from independent MP Bob Katter’s latest Facebook post: the man is absolutely livid at the suggestion the production of XXXX Gold beer could be moved from its iconic Brisbane brewery, and his favourite beverage is rum and milk.

Look, let’s just address the beer thing first.

Katter took to Facebook this afternoon with a particularly dour photo of him pouring a freshly-opened mango straight down the sink, in an apparent attempt to demonstrate his anger at the iconic Milton brewery’s current situation.

via Bob Katter / Facebook

“XXXX Gold has left a bitter taste in my mouth after I discovered that the once beloved XXXX Gold brand is winding back its alignment with Queensland after relocating a portion of its factory production to NSW,” Katter wrote in the caption, referencing recent concerns over the beer’s future.

The Courier Mail reports around 100 workers at the factory are planning to launch strike action from Monday, protesting parent company Lion’s decision to ramp up production of XXXX Gold at facilities in New South Wales and South Australia.

Brewery director Irene Bell has rubbished claims the Milton site will close, saying production will continue in Queensland. Union leaders have still pledged to enforce rolling work stoppages until its concerns are more directly addressed – and Katter seems to have taken their side.

“Now this brand that has developed on the basis of being Qld’s beer is now kissing goodbye to that identification marker,” Katter wrote.

“And all I can say is whoever is in charge of their marketing, give him a job feeding the pigs in a pig farm, because they have got to be the world’s greatest idiot.”

Then he really went in.

“The only taste in our mouths now is a bad taste. That’s what XXXX leaves in our mouths,” he said.

“People say well what do we do? Well drink something else. I myself, I’m a rum and milk man. But I wouldn’t suggest that to everybody.”

Rum and milk. RUM AND MILK.

Previous references to that beverage – also in the Courier Mail – note the ‘Gunfire Breakfast’ is something of an ANZAC Day tradition, and more commonly involves just splashing your coffee with a bit of Bundaberg. Still, at least one unit seems to swear by Katter’s formulation:

Peep Katter’s full post here: