It seems almost impossible to believe that the Mark Latham we have today is the same one that was very nearly elected prime minister of the country.

From his incomprehensible ‘secret’ Twitter account that he for some reason called ‘@RealMarkLatham’ (unearthed by the internet geniuses at Buzzfeed Oz) to his bizarrely passionate feud against the movie Birdman to that time he called a bunch of schoolchildren ‘gay’, it’s hard to imagine the man we see now being trusted to make decisions or meet the heads of other countries.

Having been fired from just about every place with standards low enough to employ him in the first place, Latham found himself a home in an institution with absolutely no standards whatsoever: David Leyonhjelm‘s political party, the Liberal Democrats.

They make an incredible pair – both of them informing their politics solely from what they reckon will offend the people they dislike the most – but it seems that Leyonhjelm isn’t the only politician that Latham is buddying up with, with the news that he’s doing ads for One Nation now.

As The Guardian is reporting, Latham’s voice can be heard in an anti-Labor robocall going out to households in the Queensland seat of Longman for the by-election forced by Susan Lamb getting Section 44‘d.

In the message, Latham urges voters to stay away from Bill Shorten:

I’ve had personal experience with Bill Shorten’s dishonesty. He just lies and lies and lies. . . Whatever you do, don’t reward Shorten’s dishonesty, don’t vote Labor. Please support minor parties and independents to shake up the system and put some honest politics back into Canberra.

The recording ends with an authorisation from Pauline Hanson.

Other than the fact that he’s doing political messaging for a party that isn’t his, it’s not hugely surprising. Since leaving the Labor party, Latham has drifted further and further into the right and has made multiple appearances on white nationalist podcast The Convict Report.

What a strange, strange man.

Image: Getty Images / Cameron Spencer