At some point you need to ask the question: does anybody in the Greens know what they’re doing when it comes to basic clerical stuff? Anybody?

Queensland Greens Senator Larissa Waters has announced that, like her colleague Scott Ludlam, she too has to resign from Parliament due to a teeny tiny dual citizenship problem. In Waters’ case, it’s Canadian citizenship. Blow me down with a bloody feather.

Waters was best known recently for making international headlines when she openly breastfed her baby in Parliament, becoming the first woman in Australian history to do so.

As with Ludlam, it’s the same Constitutional issue – dual citizens cannot serve in Parliament under section 44 of the Constitution.

Her departure will trigger a countback which could put another Greens candidate in parliament. Andrew Bartlett is next on the ticket, who has already served in the Senate before. He represented the Australian Democrats from 1997 to 2008.

My lord. How does this happen?

Photo: Facebook.