An Aussie OnlyFans Creator Shared The Unfathomable Amount Of Dough She’s Raking In Monthly

Australian OnlyFans creator Annie Knight took to TikTok to share the absolutely off-the-walls amount of money she is making every month from the platform, and I think we’re all in the wrong career.

The self described “spicy creator” explained how much she makes from fans who are paying $14.99 for exclusive adult content, asserting she makes an average of $150k a month.

@annieknight78 Hard work and dedication pays off! #spicy #work #money #millionaire ♬ original sound – Annie Knight

“This month, in October, it looks like I’m going to crack the $200K mark, which is beyond anything I’ve ever dreamed of,” said the spicy online star.

“Back in January this year I was earning like $30,000 a month, but now I’m earning that in like, half a week.”

Here I am getting railed on the daily by cozzie livs, for free like an idiot. Not even filming it.

However, some people online didn’t believe Knight, and asked for evidence of this mouthwatering profit. Some sceptical viewers even insisted that Knight was flat-out lying.

To which Knight responded with another TikTok containing screenshots of her income statements, and hot damn there some big numbers there.

@annieknight78 @Nick ♬ original sound – Annie Knight

“I had a feeling I’d get some haters saying I was lying, so here’s a screenshot of the last 30 days,” Knight opened.

“I’ve made about $104K USD. That’s about $160K Australian. I expect that to go up once we get the full month of October, I expect it will come in at around $134K USD, which is about $200K AUD.”

Knight concluded the TikTok with a confident: “So am I lying? No.”

Turns out if anything, she’s underestimating herself, as $134K USD actually converts to about $211K AUD.

This number would become approximately $146K after tax, which is still definitely this month more than anyone else I know.

The comments on Knight’s videos varied between supporting her for making such a bonkers income, such as one who commented: “Living the dream!”

However a majority of other comments took the opportunity to criticise Knight for her choice in career, her “lack of humility”, or trying and failing to mansplain how tax works.

So basically, after they couldn’t give her hate by calling her a liar anymore, they just continued to give her hate for being a sex worker.

It’s almost as if these incels are so badly in denial that they forgot that there’s a reason the TikTok algorithm showed them her videos in the first place.