Did The Company Behind The Titanic-Bound Sub Post A Pilot Job Ad During Rescue Efforts?

oceangate submarine titanic titan job listing

OceanGate, the company that built the Titan submersible, is being roasted online after social media users accused it of posting a very poorly timed job ad for, you guessed it, a pilot for their vessels.

Users say the job ad went live just before the US Coast Guard announced that all five passengers on board would have perished in a tragic implosion event. According to Business Insider, it was still accepting applications as late as Friday morning.

However, a Community Note added to one of the most viral Tweets calling out the ad had confirmed the job posting was in fact from 2020.

OceanGate has since pulled the listing from its website, but it was still viewable through the Wayback Machine — a digital archive allowing users to see past versions of online websites.

In the “Career Opportunities” section on its website, the official listing sought a “Submersible Pilot/Marine Technician” and the first line of the job description.

“The management of OceanGate, Inc. has an immediate opening for a Sub Pilot/Marine Technician to help manage and operate our fleet of manned submersibles and support vessels.”

“We are looking for a committed and competent individual with a combination of strong mechanical and interpersonal skills who can work on sensitive marine equipment, perform regular maintenance and operate complex systems to support dive operations (this is not an ocean sciences or marine research position),” the ad continued.

“This is an excellent opportunity for a high-energy professional who is interested in a long-term position with a growing company.”

It concludes with a list of key responsibilities and requirements before providing a link to submit your resume.

On Thursday, the Seattle Times reported that the OceanGate office had closed indefinitely.

On Friday, the US Navy confirmed it had recorded the submersible’s implosion the day it had disappeared before the search for the missing sub had even properly begun.