MAFS’ Harrison Has Been Spotted In An Online Advertisement For Premature Ejaculation Treatments

Just when you thought you’d seen the back of Married At First Sight‘s Harrison Boon, the endometriosis advocate has popped up in an advertisement for none other than premature ejaculation treatments. I cannot make this shit up.

The Facebook advertisement is for an Australian men’s health prescription service called Pilot, using a screen grab of Harrison and Bronte Schofield at a MAFS Commitment Ceremony. The text over the image read, “When you last longer than you thought was possible.”

In my opinion, it looks like Pilot is poking fun at how the MAFS pair made it to the final weeks of the experiment when no one thought they would. And how you too can be surprised, only with well-paced cums instead!

mafs harrison boon
Image: Facebook / Pilot

The advertisement is believed to have been discovered via a Reddit thread, and I can’t find it on Pilot’s Facebook or Instagram feeds or libraries — which begs the question of whether or not the ad was pulled before it exploded everywhere. Sorry.

Look, Harrison isn’t my favourite MAFS daddy of 2023 (or my least favourite, for that matter), but I don’t feel like he’d be putting his hand up to feature in marketing materials for premature loads?

Anyway, all of this is giving me John Tucker Must Die energy.

Pilot is known for being  — I already hate my inner-uncle for saying this — cheeky. The local company is currently promoting the fact that its rival in the hair growth space, Ashley & Martin, is suing them.

pilot ashley martin
Image: Instagram/ @pilothealth

No word yet on whether Harrison has seen this move from Pilot, but mate, if you happen to be reading this article, my DMs are open to your comments via TikTok or Instagram. I’ve reached out to Pilot for comment because I am a serious journalist who reports on jizz.

As for everyone else? Have a fantastic night filled with cums both premature and prolonged.