There’s A Job Going At Area 51 If You Can Fly A 737 And Love Secret Alien Tech

It’s pretty safe to say that if the government is up to something and they very, very decidedly don’t want you to know what it is, it cannot possibly good. Frankly, if it turned out that what was happening in the basement levels of Area 51 was just American scientists torturing the survivors from the 1947 Roswell crash, that would probably be the most benign outcome. The reality is they’re probably just cooking up new and interesting types of military aircraft that they can use to accidentally murder civilians en masse.

Whatever it is that they’re doing at Area 51 AKA Homey Airport AKA Dreamland AKA Paradise Ranch, the government is famously tight-lipped about it – they only admitted even the existence of the thing back in 2013. If you happen to have a few thousand hours of fixed-wing aircraft experience and Top Secret clearance (or reckon you could qualify for it), now’s your chance to find out what the fuck is going on there.

Keen-eyed aviation aficionados spotted a job being advertised in the Las Vegas area by AECOM, the defence contractor that operates ‘Janet Airlines‘ – the name given to the fleet of red-striped and otherwise unmarked 737s that transport employees between Las Vegas and Area 51.

The ad itself isn’t anything particularly out of the ordinary, describing the role as “[piloting] aircraft to transport passengers and cargo“. The hint that something weird is going is the preference for candidates with “TS/SSBI security clearance“. An SSBI, or Single Scope Background Investigation, is a series of background checks and interviews with employers, neighbours, partners, and family that are required as a part of getting Top Secret, Sensitive Compartmented Information, and Q Access security clearance.

If you’ve logged at least 1,000 hours as the pilot-in-command of a fixed-wing, turbine-powered aircraft (not in a simulation, the ad stresses), this could finally be your opportunity to crack this case wide open.