MASTERCHEF FINALE: Underdog Justin Takes The Win After 90 Minutes Of Extremely Wholesome Telly

Masterchef finale Justin

The Masterchef finale is here baby, and is that shallots chopping or am I sobbing? Because Justin just won $250,000 and I am SO HAPPY FOR HIM!!!

It’s honestly been so hard watching because all the finalists are both great and so adorable?? Pete Campbell is so genuine and just wants to do his best, Kishwar Chowdhury is out here being the representation we deserve, and Justin Narayan is the sweetest, most wholesome underdog that we are all rooting for.

Side note, can I just say I love the diversity here???

Although, I’ve been biased in my love for Kishwar since I too am a South Asian woman with a love for home-cooked curry, and it’s actually been incredible seeing her smash this show out of the park with dishes that are typically seen as basic or humble. Like, she could be me and her rise to fame on this show, as well as Justin’s, is proof that representation matters.

Justin’s humble, unassuming vibe is the sweetest thing ever. He is just here to have a good time and cook some good food and enjoy himself and it is honestly beautiful. Melissa crying when he talks about potentially winning was what broke me, tbh. AND THEN HE ACTUALLY WON.

And then of course there is Pete, who is just an angel, so in love with the craft and been such a pleasure to watch. His relationship with Justin is fkn adorable and SO refreshing compared to what we are used to on TV. And the fact that the two of them were so supportive of each other when Justin won, is just, ugh. I am a mess.

The finale centred around *two* fkn pressure tests, because we love to just hold our breath for an entire evening, don’t we?? The savoury dish was a shaved squid number that is from my nightmares, and the dessert was a snow egg looking golden crackle that I kind of haven’t comprehended yet??? Too many steps, I lost count.

But of course, this is the Masterchef finale – and Pete, Justin and Kishwar did a fucking incredible job, to the point where I didn’t even care that much who won – just the fact that all of them are here has me crying the club, tbh.

After the squid noodle (squoodle?) judging, we had Kishwar on 83 points, Pete on 89  points, and Justin on 90 points. Did I cry when Justin got 10/10 from ALL the judges??? YES. And there was only one point between Pete and Justin!!! THE ANTICIPATION.

And then… to the FINAL dish… the cursed snow egg. Screaming! Why is this so intense!

The scores ended up with Kishwar on 114 points, Pete on 124 points, and Justin on fucking 125 points!! HE WON BY ONE POINT. ONE!

Of course, Just was shook because he is too cute and humble to even actually think he has this in the bag. He immediately thanked his co-stars, humble as he is. And almost forgot his fiancé, lol. I LOVE HIM.

It has honestly been such a wholesome season – far less chaotic and stressful to watch than other seasons and I love this for us. Don’t get me wrong, I adore messy binch drama – but sometimes it’s nice to just get wholesome vibes, especially when you’re under lockdown like I am.

Dear Masterchef finale – this is the shit my lockdown soul needed right now. And Justin: you deserved this.