Justin And Pete Being Besties To The End In MasterChef Was Everything & I Miss It Already

MasterChef, Justin Pete

After an excruciatingly close finale, Justin Narayan was crowned the 2021 MasterChef winner. And look, I’ll admit I was rooting for Pete Campbell to take the win, but I’m still so chuffed for Justin because he’s such nice dude. This season of MasterChef might not have been the most tense – think: Poh Ling Yeow sitting in front of an oven last year – but it was still extremely wholesome content. A highlight? Justin and Pete’s friendship.

I can’t go any further without commending Kishwar Chowdhury who came third this year. She is pure talent and warmth and kindness and I could go on forever, but my point is Kishwar rules. I feel like eating her food at her restaurant one day would add ten years to my lifespan.

They all rule! Again, this was a very nice, wholesome season of MasterChef. 

Justin celebrated his triumphant win on Instagram with a simple caption that really just makes you smile.

“Find people that believe in you. Back yourself. Go hard and hopefully you’ll surprise yourself!” he wrote.

“Whoever’s reading this I love you.”


Seriously, he’s such a nice dude!

On Twitter, fans just couldn’t get enough of the love between Juzzy and Pete during the finale. They’ve been besties throughout the season.



I snorted.

This last tweet is from a few days ago, but it still makes me giggle.

It’s TRUE.

To conclude, I leave you with what Pete wrote about Justin on Instagram after the finale aired.

“To my annoying little brother, Juzzy,” he started. “You are irreplaceable and heavily responsible for the best times I’ve had during this ride. You genuinely celebrated my highs and supported me through my lows.”

I’m already tearing up.

“Seeing you lift the trophy surrounded by your beautiful family was a joy to witness, we joked about making it to the end together but here we and look at you, MasterChef of 2021!” Pete continued.

“Congratulations bro, I love you, you’re my best friend.”


If you missed out on the finale / just want to relive it, you can catch it on 10 play now. And you best believe MasterChef Australia will be back next year. See you then.