Everything We Know About MasterChef S13, Including Whether Jock Will Wear His Kilt Again

MasterChef Australia S13

MasterChef Australia, the only good and wholesome reality TV series, is coming back for its 13th season on Channel 10. Thirteen!!! So if you (me) simply can’t wait to get into it, here’s everything we know about MasterChef Australia season 13 so far. We’ll be updating this yarn as we find out more information, obvs.

When will Masterchef Australia S13 premiere?

Masterchef Australia season 13 will premiere 7.30pm, April 19 on Channel 10.


Who are the MasterChef S13 judges?

Incredibly talented judges Melissa LeongJock Zonfrillo, and Andy Allen have returned for MasterChef season 13.

Bring back Daddy Jock in a kilt, that is all. Will he wear it again? Probably. I hope so, anyway.


Is MasterChef S13 another all-stars season?

MasterChef: Back To Win was easily one of the best seasons of the show yet, but Network 10 has decided to set the all-stars theme aside this year, in favour of some fresh blood.

So, who are the new contestants?

MasterChef Australia has unveiled the first six contestants of the 2021 season, let’s meet them!


Brent, a 100% self-taught cook, grew up eating meat and three veg. He describes his cooking style as a bit like his face, “not refined at all”, even though he sports a very cool beard.


Kishwar comes from a big family of cooks.

“The Bengali cuisine that I carry with me has been passed down from generation to generation,” she says in the teaser.

“I’ve always taken a little creative license with it.”


When Minoli was 31, she lost her sense of taste. It’s slowly started to come back, giving her a whole new insight into flavour and an understanding of food that she never had before.


Therese is part Taiwanese, part Burmese, and part Chinese, and she loves cooking French pastry.


Elise cooks to make people happy. She’s a self-described “feeder”, whose love language is food. Mood.


Let’s just watch Conor’s teaser, shall we?


Will there be guest judges?

Probably, there always are.

Last year alone saw the likes of Gordon RamsayCurtis Stone, and Kirsten Tibballs enter the MasterChef kitchen. Never forget the time Katy Perry judged an immunity challenge during Twists Week last year. That was indeed quite the twist.

Katy Perry calling Jock “Daddy” on the show will forever live in my heart.

MasterChef Australia season 13 will premiere soon on Channel 10. In the meantime, head on over to 10 play to watch all past seasons on demand now.

Or, you can check out its Asian, American, and British counterparts on 10 play too.