Kishwar Killed It On MasterChef & I Won’t Let A Single Ounce Of Self-Doubt Tell Her Otherwise

MasterChef Kishwar

It’s only episode three of MasterChef and far out, the contestants are plating up some top-tier stuff. It’s just a pity some of them don’t have the confidence to match.

This episode’s challenge was a mystery box curated by reigning MasterChef champ Emelia. It was a weird assortment of ingredients but it packed a whole lot of potential.

For some of us, it was merely nice to see a familiar face, whereas for others, they became completely starstruck.

Anyway, now that the audition-type challenges are over, we finally got to meet the contestants up close and personal.

Some of us simply could not contain our hunger thirst.

Among the top 24 contestants was dear grazing board lady, who took the plunge into a dream career all of us have mulled at one point or another.

Oh, great. Two out of three episodes this season have featured hibachi grills.

Reset your counters, do another shot, fill up your clepsydras – whatever you need to do to keep track of how frequently we’re tormented by hibachi grills, do it!!!

Meanwhile, Trent was just hyping himself up online – questionable cooking techniques and all.

Love the energy, but next time channel that same focus in the kitchen.

When it came time to plate up, Kishwar seemed to doubt herself and the cuisine she knows best.

That’s despite the fact her food looked amazing. The judges didn’t doubt her, that’s for sure.

In this house, we support and uplift our home cooking queen. Can’t wait to see what she makes in the coming episodes.

Somehow the MasterChef judges (Mel in particular) managed to tell Trent to stop being a hot mess and still make the feedback come across as polite, constructive and wholesome. I wish they were my parents.

But it was Therese whose dish stole the night. I’m not even going to pretend to fully understand what it is she made, but even just the Sichuan ice cream was enough to get the whole country salivating.

Her dish looked divine, and according to the judges, it was just that. She showed vision and technique, and goddamn she better make it to the end.

As is tradition, do we have any input form ex-contestant Khanh? Yes? Well then, go ahead:

The first elimination of this season of MasterChef is tomorrow, y’all.

Let’s hope Trent can step his shit up so someone boring goes home instead.