The man who saved the Sydney Harbour Bridge crash victim from his car before it eventually exploded has spoken out about the catastrophic event.

Former bodyguard Keni Vukici spoke to the Sydney Morning Herald last night about the horrific car accident that transpired at 7am on Monday morning.

In case you missed it, NSW Police confirmed three vehicles were involved in a car crash on the Sydney Harbour Bridge at about 7:10am. One car, a Toyota Kluger, was flipped in the crash and caught on fire, which police allege was stolen.

You can watch some wild dashcam footage of the entire thing below:

“He cut me off doing about 110[km/h],” Vukici told the SMH, detailing the events that transpired.

“There were two guys trying to get him out from the driver’s side. I ran around to the passenger’s side … pushed the airbag out of the way to make sure no one was in there.

“It didn’t occur to me that the guy who cut me off was the one upside down.

“All I could see was legs – he was upside-down. It didn’t look like he had a seatbelt on.”

Vukici then detailed that it was actually quite difficult to get the driver out of the vehicle and to safety, given his reluctance.

“At that point, the SUV had caught alight, so we helped move the driver – who was semi-conscious at this point – slightly away from the car,” he continued.

“We actually had to hold him down at one point.

“He was yelling out ‘Get off me!’ then passing out again… it was insane.”

Shortly after the driver was removed from the blazing vehicle, it reportedly exploded, delaying peak hour traffic for quite some time after.

“Whether he’s a good guy or a bad guy, you’ve got a duty of care to make sure he doesn’t die at the scene.

“Who knows, this might be a massive watershed moment for him and he turns his life around and turns into a Mother Teresa. You never know what triggers people in this situation.”

Damn, this guy really does sound like a saint. Although I’m not so sure about the Mother Teresa comparison. Let’s hope the man in the car crash doesn’t become anything like that wicked woman.