One Very Lost Wallaby Stuffed Up Sydney Harbour Bridge’s Early AM Traffic

Sydney traffic is usually pretty rubbish, but it’s not often a wallaby is the cause of slight congestion on the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Regardless, that’s what commuters and police had to deal with this morning, after one of those lil’ bouncy boys was spotted heading southbound around 5am.

Harbourside and North Shore cops were called to the scene as the wallaby graced the bridge’s eighth lane. Officers reduced the speed limit on the bridge as they escorted the wallaby towards land.

A caller to 2GB who identified himself as Dean said “there was a police car or something following it at a really slow pace and there was a lot of cars behind it, so nothing was getting past.”

In a statement, police said it moved onto lane one “without indicating,” before making its way downtown and hopping fast onto Cahill Expressway. From there, it bounced to Maquarie Street.

Finally away from traffic, officers were able to apprehend the inquisitive critter near the Conservatorium of Music. It was taken to Taronga Zoo for a vet check-up.

It has been speculated the wallaby ventured out from Cammeray Golf Course, north of the bridge.