Manly Ferry Staff Rescue An Idiot Wallaby Which Hopped Into The Sea

Ok so what is it about Manly that is making wallabies want to get out?

A tiny wallaby bab got picked up by workers on the Manly Fast Ferry yesterday evening, after the little tyke was spotting swimming in the harbour toward the shore.

It’s not certain how long the little mate had been paddling about, or where exactly it came from, but staff on the ferry got as close to the poor thing as they could, threw in a lifesaver (?) and then looped a mooring rope around its body and gently pulled the young wallaby to safety aboard the ferry.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that the little skip was then wrapped up in blankets and taken by wildlife volunteers for proper care and treatment.

This latest odd encounter with a wallaby comes almost a month after another wallaby was spotted taking a wander over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which resulted in the wallaby being escorted by police to safety.

Some believe that the wallabies are popping up more in built up areas because humans are building into their natural habitats, forcing wildlife to head into suburban areas to find food.