Leaked Memo Says Syd’s New Manly Ferries Are At Risk Of *Checks Notes* Flying In Rough Seas

manly ferries airborne leaked memo

Just when we thought everything was calming down for a moment, apparently the new range of ferries destined for Sydney’s popular Manly route run a risk of becoming airborne in hectic surf. Just what we want — a fucking heaving ship getting sweet air in heavy swells.

Per the Sydney Morning Herald, a leaked internal memo from ferry operator Transdev warned captains of the newer fleet of Emerald-class ferries to be wary when the swell is pumping outside of the mouth of Sydney Harbour.

Apparently, testing of this newer range of ships found that they were becoming “airborne” and slamming back down on the water, which can seriously damage the ferry. Seems good to me!

“Running ahead of the swell must be avoided, as this may cause ‘trapping’, which results in the vessel bow-diving or broaching, and a loss of control,” the internal memo read.

“This can be detrimental to the vessel’s integrity and the safety and comfort of the crew and passengers.”

Bloody hell, I can tell you for free that a ferry getting airborne would absolutely destroy any feelings of comfort for me. Don’t even need to get on a testing sail to confirm that one for you.

I mean if this is what the big dog Manly ferry looked like on rough seas, there is no amount of money that would get me on anything lighter than that.

The memo stressed the best way for captains to navigate rough seas outside of the safety of the harbour is to face the beam of the ship to the swell. In land-dwellers speak that’s to go side-on to the waves.

I think I’ll stick to the train, thanks.