This Wallaby Was Rescued 6.2km From Shore & Buddy, How The Fuck Did You End Up There

A wallaby, dubbed ‘Dawny’, has been rescued 6.2km from shore yesterday, leaving many baffled, and quite frankly impressed, at how the marsupial ended up so far into the ocean.

Queensland police were initially made aware of Dawny’s predicament after a member of the public spotted her in the ocean off the shore of North Stradbroke Island. Water police were quick to the rescue (hopped to it, if you will) and eventually scooped up our poor lass 6.2 km from land.

Image: Queensland Police

Let me calmly repeat that: 6.2 kilo-fucking-metres. Dawny, what were your initial intentions and how the hell did you manage that?

Image: Queensland Police

Police reckon Dawny’d been gunning for a swim but had eventually been led astray for one reason of another. Officers found her “fatigued” and “swimming in circles” (CRYING) but she was thankfully returned to land.

Check out the rescue mission below.

I now leave you with an extremely heart-warming picture of Dawny safe and sound (and dry). If this doesn’t have endorphins permeating throughout your brain, I don’t know what will.

We love a narrative arch, complete with a resolute ending and happy animals. Brava.