Somebody Stole Snappy Tom The “Feisty” Crocodile & Look, Probably Not A Good Idea

snappy tom crocodile

A living, breathing crocodile has been stolen from an educational facility in Far North Queensland, which seems like an exceptionally bad idea.

Snappy Tom the crocodile and a barramundi (without a fun name) were stolen from Holloway’s Beach Environmental Education Centre at some point over the Australia/Invasion Day long weekend.

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While only measuring in at around 60cm, police have warned that Snappy Tom is still potentially dangerous on account of the fact that it’s a living, breathing crocodile. The estuarine crocodile is described as being “quite feisty” and having sharp teeth that could easily take off a finger.

The educational facility shared the news in a statement on Facebook on Tuesday upon discovering the premises had been broken into while they were closed for the weekend.

“Devastated to come to work this morning and find that someone has stolen our crocodile and a barra from our aquarium,” they shared alongside a photo of the front door, which had been visibly damaged to enter the property.

It is unclear why the absolute fuck anyone would want to steal the modern day equivalent of a dinosaur, but police believe the theft to be a “show and tell” incident, and hope that somebody with an insight into the animals whereabouts will come forward soon.

Snappy Tom is a beloved part of the aquarium and is often used as a learning resource enduring live exhibits for educational purposes.

Anyone with information about Snappy Tom’s whereabouts is urged to contact police via Policelink on 131 444.

Again, this is a living, breathing crocodile and despite his small stature, Snappy Tom could still really cause some damage if left in the wrong hands. 

If you see your sketchy neighbour walking his or her new pet crocodile, I’d suggest calling the police and maybe moving.