Olive Python Eats Entire Wallaby In Northern Territory

The news might wind down during the holiday season, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that Australia’s natural wildlife aren’t causing a goddamn ruckus at every given opportunity. In a move that will surely send every American tourist rushing to pack their suitcases, a Northern Territory ranger today spotted an agile wallaby on his daily patrol. Only problem was, it was pretty much inside an olive python (pictured above, with Old Spice Man).

Photo via Paul O’Neill/NT Parks & Wildlife
Pythons love to go at things bigger than them. We all know that, everyone watched Steve Irwin growing up. But this is truly freaking spectacular. Authorities at Territory Wildlife Park have said that this is literally the biggest thing an olive python can physically eat. It’s going to take five to seven days just to digest the thing, and it will live off it for five months. 
Australia: still scary as shit.
Image via Getty Images Entertainment