Allow This Baby Rock Wallaby To Obliterate Yr Worries W/ Pure, Undiluted Cute

We make a big deal about how dangerous, murderous and otherwise extremely rude the wildlife in Australia is, and frankly, that’s fair. It is a dangerous, murderous and rude fauna that we co-inhabit with on this here continent.

HOWEVER. We will allow that some Australian wildlife is seriously, extremely, unreasonably cute.

Case in point: Tilly, a yellow-footed rock wallaby currently growing up at the Australian Reptile Park in Somersby, New South Wales.

Tilly was apparently rejected by her birth mother, so she’s been raised by the park’s Head of Mammals (hehe), Dean Reid.

Yellow-footed rock wallabies are locals to South Australia, living mainly around the Flinders, Gawler and Barrier Ranges. They’re known for their long, fancy tails (nice rings, you pretty dummies), and for being heartbreakingly cute.

Tilly is just under seven months old, still drinking from a bottle like an absolute fiend, and clearly very much in love with Keeper Dean.



Frankly it should be illegal for something so small and so cute to exist, let alone in this country full of venomous snakes, actual man-eating dinosaurs and jellyfish with a penchant for murder.

It should also be illegal, in our opinion, to live in Australia and not own at least one baby yellow-footed rock wallaby. Make it happen, Malcolm. Mandatory rock-wallaby ownership. Could anyone feel sad, with one of those little faces hopping around the place?