Sydney Harbour Bridge Blocked Off in Dramatic Police Chase

Sydney traffic was thrown into even more chaos than usual this morning, with police dropping road spikes and eventually blocking off the Sydney Harbour Bridge in pursuit of a man wanted in connection with a stabbing.
The Australian report that police were initially called to a domestic dispute in the eastern suburbs, but when they sought to question a 33-year-old man about the incident, he instead sped off in a white BMW.
Several hours later, his car was spotted north of the city. He led police on a chase along the M5, M7 and M2 motorways, where traffic spikes were laid down, reportedly puncturing his tyres.
Though the man found his roll to be significantly slowed, he continued to lead police in what has been described as a “low speed chase” across the Harbour Bridge, which was blocked off.
The man reportedly drove to Surry Hills police station. Onlookers report that he was being tailed by up to 15 police cars, and that at one point, “rubber bullets or tear gas” were fired through his windscreen.

Onlooker Mark Lau said that the man was speaking on the phone as he puled up, and described his demeanor as “pretty calm.” Not surprisingly, he was arrested on exiting his vehicle. 
A 33-year-old woman has been taken to St Vincent’s Hospital in the wake of the incident, where she is being treated for multiple stab wounds and is reportedly in a serious but stable condition.
Image via Nine News