Madelaine Brockway’s $59 Million Wedding You’re Seeing All Over TikTok Is Even More Lavish Than You Thought

These days, we’re used to the lavish weddings of celebrities like Paris Hilton and Sofia Richie-Grainge popping up all over our social media feeds. You know, multiple dresses, luxurious locations, and guests dressed in so much couture that it seems like the audience of a fashion show. While we almost expect this canon event for influencers, who can use their platforms and brand connections to elevate their weddings to dreamy heights, it’s not the behaviour you’d expect of a normie. But this week, a seemingly unknown woman named Madelaine Brockway has found herself in the viral spotlight for her extravagant wedding rumoured to cost a whopping $59 million USD — which is chill $89 million AUD.

You see, Madelaine had been documenting the entire lead-up to her nuptials to her husband Jacob LaGrone on November 18 on TikTok. These pre-wedding events included a rehearsal dinner at the famed Parisian opera house Palais Garnier, a sleepover at the Palace of Versailles, a private lunch at Chanel where Madelaine and her guests made their own Chanel bags, and of course, a week-long bachelorette party at five-star resort in Utah.

Not too shabby, hey?

During the bachelorette party, each day had a theme including “Pretty In Pink”, “Aliens Amongst Us”, “Golden Hour” and “Marie Antoinette’s Last Halloween”. And here I was stressing out about my own friend’s gorgeous yet elaborate hen’s theme.

But according to the comments on the vids, all of these flights and events for her guests were completely paid for by Madelaine. Sounds pretty good to me!!!!

Let’s have a look at how the themes went down, shall we?

This was only the beginning.

Next up, the whole gang travelled to Paris to get ready for the ceremony doing a bunch of expensive things until the happy couple finally got hitched at the Chateau de Villette, which is a very fancy castle, if you couldn’t guess.

Madelaine walked down the aisle wearing a custom Dior haute couture dress and then had Maroon 5 playing as the new couple had their first dance. Considering she had what feels like unlimited money to work with, it’s wild to me that she picked Maroon 5 but pop off!!!!

The whole thing was a beautiful spectacle garnering attention for a variety of reasons.

Some marvelled at how gorgeous the whole thing was, others were gobsmacked by the bonkers amount of cashola that a regular person forked out for the occasion, and others felt that it was a downright fucked up and gross display of wealth.

Madelaine said “let them eat cake” with this Marie Antoniette-inspired look. (Image: Instagram / @madelainebrockway)

But the reason why it’s caused so much attention is that Madelaine was relatively unknown before she kicked off a TikTok to document her mammoth wedding. Again, Madelaine and Jacob aren’t influencers all — they’re just really fkn rich.

Although there’s not much info on Jacob online, according to LinkedIn, Madelaine is a 26-year-old self-employed entrepreneur. But she also happens to be the daughter of Bob Brockway, the CEO of Bill Ussery Motors which is the parent company for a bunch of Mercedes-Benz dealerships. In August this year, it sold two of its locations and made a reported profit of $150 and $700 million USD.

As the wedding vids went viral, they sparked wedding-Tok to hypothesise that Madelaine’s wedding and the glorious way she documented it was a very conscious bid at viral stardom.

TikToker and former celeb wedding planner Cora Breilein believes that Madelaine was deliberately using her lavish wedding to try and catapult her to online ‘It-girl’ status like Nicola Peltz-Beckham or Sofia Richie-Grainge.

“What is fascinating about this creator in general is not that this girl is so wealthy, but that she is seemingly mainly using social media to catapult herself to become an influencer,” she said.

“There is a very clear strategy behind this… they are slowly rolling out the content to create social engagement so people talk about it.”  

As noted by Centennial World, it’s not the first time a creator or brand has specifically catered content to maximise chances at viral stardom and many people believed that Madelaine’s wedding was a sneaky attempt at pushing products or vendors. But trend forecaster and creator economist Meridith Valiandor claimed that Madelaine messaged her stating that none of the wedding was a brand deal.

Instead, Meridith reported in a TikTok that Madelaine hired a content strategist for the wedding which is why we’re seeing such gorgeous, curated content being drip-fed across her socials.

Whether Madelaine’s luxe wedding and documentation of the event was a bid to become an influencer or not, she’s certainly gained a heap of followers from the display. And while we wait for her to drop the clips from her actual wedding on TikTok, I bet it’ll grow even more.

Madelaine’s wedding content is undeniably gorgeous, but on the flip side, it’s a pretty gross display of wealth at a time when so many people are struggling to pay rent and put food on the table.

Eat the rich, and all that jazz.