Aaron Carter & Travis Mills Are Beefing Over Madelaine Petsch & It’s PETTY

Insecurity is something that affects everyone, and it looks like Madelaine Petsch‘s boyfriend rapper Travis Mills just laid his bare for the world to see by messaging her ex-boyfriend Aaron Carter and asking him to keep her name out his mouth.

And yes, I’m talking about THAT Aaron Carter, the one who was pretty much Justin Bieber before the Biebz was but a twinkle in his father’s eye.

Apparently, it all kicked off from Aaron talking about their relationship while doing the press rounds for his new album, which I won’t link to here because no one should have to endure Aaron Carter in their ears in 2018.


Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, he said that he had written some new music about their relationship, including a song called Seattle Tide about how he met her at an airport after they broke things off.

Well, her current boyfriend must not have taken kindly to it because he allegedly messaged Aaron, essentially telling him to shut the fuck up and stop talking about his girlfriend to promote his album.

Aaron v responsibly responded by posting the DM, pinning the tweet and tagging TMZ.

While Travis clearly shouldn’t have reached out so immaturely over a matter that concerns Madelaine and not him, it’s just so fkn obvious that Aaron is desperately clinging to any attention he can get for his upcoming album.

Madelaine hasn’t spoken on the situation yet, but I feel like she needs to clip both of these lanky white boys around the ear and tell them to pull their heads in.