Madelaine Petsch Surprised Her BF With A Full Blown Scavenger Hunt On V-Day

If your Valentine’s Day was anything like mine, you sat at home and scrolled through Instagram while cursing the fact that you’re alone and demolishing an entire tub of ice cream.

However, if you’re a rich and famous celebrity, you probably spent the day showing the world how much you love your significant other through materialistic gifts and social media posts.

There was a helluva lot of cute gifts to sift through, but it looks like Riverdale star Madelaine Petsch just gave her rapper boyfriend Travis Miller the best one of them all.

Speaking to Hello Giggles, the actress described what she planned for the big day, and it’s honestly pretty damn cute.

“[Travis is] is amazing, so I thought I would surprise him for once,” she said.

“It’s our first Valentine’s Day together, so we had to do something special and memorable. I set up a scavenger hunt all over LA of monumental moments in our relationship, like where was our first kiss, our first date, and I made him run around LA. Then at the end, there is a little surprise.”

She hasn’t yet revealed what the surprise is, but apparently, the pair made a YouTube video on the day, so I bet we’ll be seeing it fairly soon.