Call Her Daddy Pod Bamboozled The Internet By Convincing Us She’d Interviewed Adam Levine

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Call Her Daddy pod host Alex Cooper has catfished the entire internet by making it look like she was about to grill the fuck out of disgraced singer Adam Levine, who was embroiled in a massive cheating controversy back in September 2022.

Cooper posted a spicy trailer for the latest episode of her Call Her Daddy pod, in which she made it seem like she was having a face-to-face confrontation with the Maroon 5 frontman. Given the fact that Levine hasn’t really done interviews about the 2022 scandal, everyone was praying to their daddies that the trailer wasn’t BS.

“I was a huge Maroon 5 fan, and I’m glad you agreed to sit down with me today to discuss the scandal surrounding the infidelity in your marriage,” Cooper said in the trailer vid.

The hype was so strong that even Adam Levine’s wife Behati Prinsloo (who was allegedly cheated on), even commented on the trailer for the interview.

“LOL,” she wrote.

Keeping it simple. Iconic.

The internet however was displeased after it was revealed Cooper was not in fact interviewing Adam Levine, but Adam Devine instead. It was a joke about the fact that both names are so similar. Ha. Get it?

“It’s Adam Devine — not Adam Levine thank fucking God!” she said in a second trailer.

“I am not Adam Levine. He’s a different guy and a worse singer,” said Adam Devine.

I have never been more disappointed in my LIFE.

In case you missed it, five women came forward with claims that Adam Levine sent them incredibly horny messages back in September 2022.

The woman who kicked this all off was Instagram model Sumner Stroh who uploaded a bombshell TikTok full of explosive claims that married 43-year-old man Adam Levine had an affair with her and then tried to name his unborn baby after her too.

Following this, model Alyson Rose shared messages Levine allegedly sent her in a since-deleted TikTok video, including one that read “I shouldn’t be talking to you, you know [that] right?”

“I’m so weird too and only listen to metal,” Rose wrote in the exchange.

“Said no hot chicks ever other than you,” Levine allegedly wrote back.

A second model named Maryka also shared a heap of spicy DMs. Levine allegedly sent messages including “watching your ass jiggle on that table will permanently scar me but otherwise, I’m amazing. I’d do anything for it. I’d buy it a steak dinner and whisper sweet nothings into it. I wanna tattoo my ass now,” among other insane things.

It was truly a glorious time to be online when all of these messages started leaking. The memes, not unlike the cooked DMs, just kept coming.

Woman number four was Adam Levine’s former yoga instructor Alanna Zabel who, according to Page Six, claimed via an Instagram Story on her private account that the singer talked to his friends about her having “the best ass in town,” adding: “One day he texted me saying, ‘I want to spend the day with you naked’.”

The fifth woman to come forward with claims about Adam Levine was 21-year-old college student Ashley Russell. She told the Daily Mail that Levine started messaging her after *stumbling across* her fitness-based account on Instagram in March this year.

“He would like mainly like booty stories and would always reply with something to do with leg or booty day at the gym,” she claimed.

So yeah, a lot of shit went down.

Kinda wish Cooper did sit Levine down to rip him a new one.