A TikToker Made Adam Levine’s Horny DMs Into A Maroon 5 Song & That Chorus Of His Is Absurd

A TikToker has turned the biggest meme of September 2022 into a Grammy-worthy banger for us to enjoy. Adam Levine‘s DMs have been universally roasted over the past week or so but this might just take the cake.

In the TikTok, creator SongsByAlex answers the question that’s been on everyone’s lips this whole time: What if Adam Levine’s Dms were lyrics to a Maroon 5 song?


I’m gonna get sued for this #adamlevinecheating

♬ original sound – alex

After a gentle intro of acoustic guitar strumming, we’re treated to the parody lyrics which include all of Levine’s best (read: worst) hits.

Poetic lines such as “that body of yours is absurd”, “I’d do anything for it”, “I’m now obsessed with you”, “I may need to see the booty” and “how are you such an hourglass” all make an appearance.

As per Maroon 5’s radio-friendly formula, these are all punctuated by an “oo-oooo” and one big “yeah!” at the end.

Personally, I think this earworm truly doth slappeth.

As someone who has never listened to a Maroon 5 song intentionally, I reckon this is the closest I’ll ever get and I think that’s a win for its creator.

If you’re now up to date with the saga that has infected nearly every corner of the internet by this point, you can suss our full recap of the tea here.

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