Literal Thousands Plan To Gather In Melbourne To “Wow” Like Owen Wilson

In the past we’ve had Scream Like Goku gatherings and mass Pokemon Go adventures in Melbourne but nothing this wow-worthy.

On Monday Feb 26, thousands are flocking Federation Square to say “Wow” like Owen Wilson to each other. #onlyinMelbs

If there was ever a time to give into FOMO, this is it.

And you wonder why Melbourne’s the reigning champ of World’s Most Liveable City, eh?

Now some of you are probably like, “Oh, this is silly. Who would go to something like this?” Well my friends, 3600 people have clicked going and there’s still four days ’til the big day. And it doesn’t end there ‘cos a mammoth 14,000 people have clicked the ‘interested’ button so who knows just how many people will rock up on the day.

(Security has been called to the event so expect a-bloody-lot of devoted wowers.)

Ngl, I’m having too much fun with this.

Have a lil’ suss on the event page on Facebook  if you don’t believe me and feast your eyes on the beauty that is the humble ‘Owen Wilson Wowposting’ Facebook page. It’s chockablock full of v. diverse memes of all your fave films like Wedding Crashers and Cars of course.

And here’s some of what admin, Nicolas Zoumboulis had to say about all the wow reacts.

“I am happy to be able to create the platform for joy and positivity to be put into this world. We definitely need it these days, and I think people recognise that too, that’s why it’s been so successful. A simple and joyous “wow”, it doesn’t sound like much but as they say a picture paints a thousand words, a Wow says a million words.”

Wowers can hit Fed Square at 6PM for a ‘hype speech from admin’ and then there’ll be ‘warmup wows‘ because this is serious, duh. Then the action kicks off at 6:15PM for the big group “WWWOOOOOOOWWWW”.