Justin Bieber Is In A Hair Growing Comp With His Mates & We Must Ask… Why

There aren’t many people who can cop an Owen Wilson comparison and laugh it off, but when you’re one of the most famous pop stars in the world, you kinda don’t have to give a shit about what anyone says regarding your appearance.

Justin Bieber, a longtime believer in this philosophy, was recently spotted out and about with a messy new look and it seems somewhat reminiscent of a certain movie star who likes to say “Wow”…


“Justin is growing his hair out and he’s been getting a lot of teasing over his shaggy new hair,” a source told Hollywood Life. “People are comparing him to Owen Wilson and he’s loving it. He thinks it’s hilarious since Owen is one of his favourite comedians.”


Apparently, he’s got no plans to pick up the clippers anytime soon.

He’s having a contest with some of his friends, the first one to cut their hair loses. Justin is very competitive he plans to win so who knows how long he might grow it. A man bun could be in his future,” the source said.

Really though, the Biebs can pretty well pull off any haircut at this point. I for one would relish seeing him take a risk and go back to the grown out bowl cut that we all fell in love with.